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The Emergency Operations Training Academy currently hosts a wide variety of courses
plus several comprehensive training programs supporting the DOE/NNSA community.

Students should view/peruse the entire catalog before contacting our
OLSS for assistance if you are unable to find a specific course.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us:

Emergency Operations Training Academy's Course Formats
CD-ROM, DVD & Classroom WBT Formats (Web Based Training)

Download the EOTA Job/Role/Course Matrix in PDF Format
Download the EOTA Jobs and Roles Definitions in PDF Format

Ever wonder what courses align with your job/role or position? Check out this
Job/Role/Course Matrix to help you determine what track of courses will best suit your needs.

While this list is not all inclusive it does provide you with a good representation
of what the Emergency Operations Training Academy (EOTA) has to offer.
Specific positions are listed horizontally and the recommended courses for that
track are listed vertically in the matrix. A check mark in the box indicates that a
specific course is applicable to a specific job/role.

The EOTA has also created a basic list of definitions for the outlined Jobs and Roles.
Again, this list was devised for EOTA purposes and may or may not parallel with
your organization's definitions. Click on each hyper-link to review the documents.